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3 Side Sealing Bag Machine

Bag making function:Three side sealing bag, Center sealing bag


Technical Parameters

1) Bag making function:Three side sealing bag, Center sealing bag

2)Main electric scheme:double servo motor for traction, with PLC, Touch Screen; main driving is alternating current with frequency inverter, automatic constant tension for unwinding.

3) Suitable material: this machine is suitable for producing multi-layer three side sealing laminated film, plating ALU laminated film, paper-plastic laminated film, pure-ALU laminated film which takes BOPP, PET,CPP,ALU, and Nylon etc plastic laminated film as base material.

4) The speed of machine: 150 hypo-minute

5) The speed of feeding: ≤35 m/min (decided according the material)

6)The length of bag making: 50-480mm, excess this data adopts skip material feeding (Max. skip material feeding is 6) Max width :75-380mm ( after fold size of raw material)

7) The dimension of roll material:ф650*800mm , (diameter* web-width)

8) Accuracy of orientation: ≤± 0.5mm

9) Thermal-sealing knife’s quantity of heat:

① Vertical-sealing adopts 4 groups for heating fluctuation, cooling fluctuation from up and down..

② central-sealing adopts 2 groups for level

③ bottom sealing adopt 3 groups heating fluctuation, 1 group for cooling fluctuation.

The quantity of temperature heating:18 groups + 2groups free for exchange

10) The bound of temperature: 0-300℃

11) Total power :30 kw

12) Overall Dimension: (L*W*H) 8000X2050X12100

    Weight of machine: About 3850 kg

13)Color: white of cover, white blue of fuselage+ red door

14) The type of control system: SSF-ⅡHigh speed laminating film bag making machine control system

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