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Ⅰ. Main technique Parameter

1. Coating Width: 950mm

2. Guide Roller Width: 1030mm

3. Glue Material: decided by customer

4. Suitable Material: Paper: 0.15-0.25mm

                  Film: 0.15-0.25mm

5.Machine Speed: 130m/min

6.Machine Working Speed: 50-120m/min(related with material and glue)

7.Max. Unwind Diameter: Φ800mm

8.Max. Rewind Diameter: Φ800mm

9.Heating Way: electric heating

10.Temperature Control: 140℃±2℃

11.Rewinding edge precision: ±0.5mm

12.Total Power: about 115kw

13.Dimension(LxWxH): 15300mm×2200mm×4100mm

14.Power Supply: 3Phase 4 Line 380V 50Hz

Ⅱ. Main Parts

1.Unwinding Part, with EPC web guiding system

   1) with 3’’ air expanding shaft for unwinding. Air expanding shaft is easy for operation

   2) max. unwinding width  950mm

   3) max. unwinding diameter 800mm

   4) constant tension control system, 1 set

2.Coating Part

   1) coating way: ceramic roller coating

   2) machine body: cast steel

   3) glue roller: ceramic roller, diameter 160mm

   4) press roller: pneumatic press roller, with adjustable pressure

   5) glue plate: made from stainless steel,manual lift and down

3.Dry Oven Part

   1) drying way: electrical heating, with 5 sets centrifugal fan circulation control

   2) oven length: 15 meters

   3) temperature control zone: 5 zones; each 3 meter one temperature control zone

   4) temperature control: 150℃±2℃; automatic temperature display, temperature can be preset and automatic control

   5) air exhaust: 1 set centrifugal fan, 2.2kw

   6) transitional roller: aluminum roller(1030mm×Φ70mm), double rotary


4.Cooling and Traction Part

   1) traction: active traction, pneumatic press roller adjust, with 1 set motor, 3kw

   2) wallboard: cast iron structure

5.Rewinding Part

   1) with 3’’ air expanding shaft for rewinding, and pneumatic pressure roller

   2) with photocell for web edge tracking

   3) max. rewinding width 950mm

   4) max. rewinding diameter: 800mm

   5) driving: frequency inverter motor rewinding control  

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